How Much Do Bedroom Blackouts Cost?

As there are so many different window sizes, an indication of what the price for Bedroom Blackout  is:

One window measuring 1800mm x1200mm is $185.00 + GST and shipping.

You can order  1800mm x 1200mm Bedroom Blackouts System safely online by clicking  the add to cart button or call us on 1300 731 365

We can provide a customised  quote for any size window.

Just go to the contact us page tab and send us your measurements.

The  window panels come fully assembled and ready to Blackout your window.

Bedroom Blackout System

Bedroom Blackout Window Panels This unique Blackout system blocks out 100% of the sun, so your bedroom will be in complete darkness while you sleep.No tiny cracks of sunlight will get through like a blind or a shade would.

Bedroom Blackout  – Turns Day Into Night!