Turn day into night

Daylight Savings is here and Summer is just around the corner.
Help your baby sleep in longer during the day!
Shift workers.. sleep better during the day with Bedroom Blackout Window Panels.

Helping You Sleep… Better During The Day!

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Enter your window measurements width x height and the depth of the window sill in millimetres to get a quote.

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Create a pitch black room

Our unique Bedroom Blackout Panel System blocks out 100% of the sun coming through your window, so your bedroom will be in complete darkness while you sleep.

Custom Made

Customised solution to fit any window or door which means no tiny cracks of sunlight. Just send us measurements width, height and depth of the window ledge of the inside recess of your window.


Bedroom Blackout is guaranteed to block 100% of all light coming through your window.

Bedroom Blackout Panels are custom made to fit any size window, including round and triangular shapes, sliding glass doors and skylights.

Installs in Seconds

No fittings required

Easy to remove

To open your windows and let sunlight in.

Soft Edges

No damage to window recesses, great for rental properties.

Midnight Conditions

During daylight hours.

Ideal For

Shift Workers

Improve the quality of your sleep during the day after you have worked night shift.

Children's Rooms

For Baby’s and toddlers who wake at first light.

Home Theatres

Bedroom Blackout is guaranteed to block 100% of all light coming through your window.

Turn Your Bedroom Into Night During the Day!

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At last there is a product on the market that helps people to sleep during the day with a guarantee of no light coming through the window.

Bedroom Blackout Window Panels:

  • Blocks out light
  • Reduces noise and heat
  • Eliminates annoying street lights
  • Panels are portable and easy to store
  •  Easy to install and uninstall

Bedroom Blackout is a simple and easy solution.

Bedroom Blackout.. Turns Day Into Night!

Our Customers Love Bedroom Blackout

After you blacked out their room they now sleep until 7:00am. Not only that, I am using them at nap time which is a blessing in disguise! I am one happy Mum!


I am so excited that you are able to provide us a smart looking blackout option that will also allow us to install the plantation shutters that I’ve always wanted. Thank you for having them installed in the kid’s rooms for the day we move in.


Niamh was driving me crazy waking up at 5:00am everyone morning. Now she sleeps in at least until after 7:00am. Not only that, Niamh is 7 and she can put the blackouts in all by herself.


I had a quote for Blackout curtains for a window that was standard size 1800mm x 1200mm. I was given a quote for a $1000.00. Never mind that, I got my quote from Bedroom Blackout and the same size window was $800.00 less! And My room is Pitch Black during the day!

Thanks Bedroom Blackout

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