• The Must Have
    Window Panel

    For Babies Rooms and Shift Workers

  • The Must Have
    Window Panel

    For Babies Rooms and Shift Workers

Relief For Shift Workers and Migraine Sufferers

At last, there is a product on the market that helps people to sleep during the day with a guarantee of no light comingĀ  through the window.

Bedroom Blackout is a simple solution where you can easily,

Turn Day Into Night!

Bedroom Blackout panels are a soft furnished aluminium frame wrapped in UV protected fabric that sits snugly into your window recess. Easy to install and uninstall with no external fittings. The fabric is black on the inside and white on the outside.

The Bedroom Blackout Story

Bedroom Blackout Pty Ltd was founded by Raz Hingston 2005. Raz was a shift worker in the coal industry for more than twenty years and after spending a majority of that time on night shift he recognised the need for a product to help people sleep during the day. Over the past twelve years Bedroom Blackout Pty Ltd has helped thousands of people improve their quality of sleep and in turn their quality of life.

Helping Your Babies Sleep Better During the Day

Unparalleled Quality

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Our unique Bedroom Blackout Panel System blocks out 100% of the sun, so your bedroom will be pitch black while you sleep.

Custom Made

Bedroom Blackouts are a customised solution to fit any window or door which means no tiny cracks of sunlight. Just send us measurements width, height and depth of the window ledge of the inside recess of your window.

100% Guaranteed

Bedroom Blackout is guaranteed to block 100% of all light coming through your window.