• Turn Your Room
    Into Night in Seconds

    Bedroom Blackout window panels fit firmly into the recess of your window frame. Once they are installed you cannot see your hand in front of your face.

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Step One - Measure

Measure your window recess width x height x ledge

Example: 1800mm wide  x 1200mm high x 25mm deep (window sill must be at least 25mm deep)

Step Two - Calculate

Enter your measurements into our calculator.

Get a Price

Enter your sizes into the calculator on the quote page to receive a price for your Bedroom Blackouts.

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Unparalleled Quality

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Complete Darkness

Our unique Bedroom Blackout Window Treatment System blocks out 100% of the sun, so your bedroom will be in complete darkness while you sleep.

Made to Fit

Customised solution to fit any window or door which means no tiny cracks of sunlight. Just send us measurements width, height and depth of the window ledge of the inside recess of your window.


Bedroom Blackout is guaranteed to block 100% of all light coming through your window.