How to measure

Bedroom Blackout panels are not suitable for windows that do not have a Recess/Window Ledge. The ledge must be at least 20mm deep.

Easy To Order, Easy To Install

Step One - Measure

Measure your window recess width x height x ledge (the part of your window were you would place a cup of tea)

Example: 1800mm x 1200mm x 20mm If your measurements are slightly different say 1200mm wide at the top of your window and 1190mm wide at the bottom of your window, there is no worry because the foam on the Blackouts will squeeze into the window recess and hold the Blackouts in place withe no fittings.

Step Two - Order

Enter your sizes into the calculator on the order now page and receive your Bedroom Blackout Panels fully assembled and ready to use.

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